The Refrigerator
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Sometimes late at night, about eleven p.m. or midnight, I get a feeling in my stomach. It's a little bit burny and there is an occasional rumbling. My tummy is saying "feed me, feed me.” I know where to go when I am so hungry: The refrigerator.

My Grandmother remembers when she was a very small child her family had an icebox; their family was among the last people in the neighborhood to have one. An iceman comes every few days and he placed a large block of ice in one of the compartments and this is how food stayed cold and hopefully fresh. Now I am on the way to the kitchen and to our very large, tall, almond colored, two-door refrigerator.

This refrigerator does not need ice, it makes ice, and behind that freezer door I can find ice cream. Some days it's vanilla or strawberry and on other days its chocolate. There are shelves inside the door and one large shelf with a big bin that pulls out from under the shelf. Today there is nothing in the freezer but bread, too bad, no ice cream. I close the freezer door, which takes up about one third of the bottom of the refrigerator, and goes to the top two-thirds. This can be an adventure.

Here, also, are a lot of shelves inside the door, some with special compartments for cheese and eggs and places for small items that might otherwise be lost in the main part of this almond colored electrical "ice box.” There is nothing I want to eat on these shelves so I am going to go to the main part of the refrigerator.

I must mention when the doors are opened a light goes on and when the doors are closed, the lights go off, but nobody knows for sure if the lights go off or not. They would have to open the doors to see if the lights are off, but of course when you open the door the light goes on!!

First, I go to the two big drawers on the bottom of the fridge. They are clear; the one on the left holds vegetables and the one on the right holds fruits. In the one on the right


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