The Historical Biography of David Berkowitz

             A) Son of Sam the notorious serial killer of the New York City area, Terrifying people from late July of 1976 threw late June of 1977, Killing 6 and injuring 5 ; David Berkowitz really didn't change American culture he just continued a current trend of serial killers before him.

             Betty Broder married an Italian American named Tony Falco at the age of 19. She soon after began having an affair with a married man by the name of Joseph Kleinman. As soon as Betty became pregnant, Kleinman found out told her that if she wanted to continue seeing him she would have to get rid of the baby when it came. On June 1, 1953 she gave birth to a baby boy named David Berkowitz Falco. But soon after he was put up for adoption. The people that adopted David Berkowitz were Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz a Jewish family who weren't able to have kids of there own, but got David Berkowitz with the intent of raising him as there own. Tragedy struck David Berkowitz's life at the tender age of 14 when his mother died of breast cancer. Two years later in 1971 David Berkowitz's father Nathan remarried. This effected David Berkowitz's life very much and he started to fail at school because of his troubled family life.

             When David Berkowitz was 19 he decided to join the army where he became an excellent marksman. He returned back home after serving a three-year run in the army, expecting a warm welcome home from his father, Berkowitz was surprised when he was very disappointed with him .

             because he decided to leave his religion of Judaism. Soon after returning home David Berkowitz left again and moved into a small apartment in the Bronx's, where he soon became very lonely and decided to go out and search for his real parents. With the help of the bureau of records he was able to locate her. Once he located her, they had a very emotional reunion. He also was able to meet his sister Roslyn and her family. David Berkowitz became a very frequent visitor at their house.

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