'Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key'

             Summary: This book was about Joey Pigza who is wired. He is a boy who has trouble paying attention and controlling his mood swings especially after his medication wears off. He suffers from severe attention deficit disorder therefore he takes what he calls the Ritalin pill which is supposed to even out his wild mood swings. His condition was not helped by the fact that he was abandoned by his parents and was left to be raised by his abusive grandmother but, not before long Joey's mother returns into his life and his grandmother leaves and goes to live with his father. Joey was always getting into a lot of trouble. He simply can't stick to the rules but at the same time Joey is actually a good kid and he doesn't mean to get in trouble, it's just that he makes really bad choices in school and out of school. Some choices he made starts with him deciding to sharpen his fingernail. Another was when he swallowed his house key. The ultimate bad choice was when he cut off the tip of his classmate's nose which was truly an accident. He had always been reminded to stick to the rules and was also warned that there will be consequences that follow if he didn't but, Joey knowing this kept making bad decisions and was worried that he would wind up falling through the cracks of the system for good. After the mishap with him cutting the girl's nose, Joey is suspended from school and he is sent to a special education center. There he was recommended to take a brain scan to make sure there was nothing wrong with his brain so that he could be given the proper medicine to get him back on track and off the medicine, the dud meds, which seem to not be working. He had received a different medication that seems to have worked immediately and he is now on track with his good behavior.

             Reaction: In agreement with all the steps that were taken by the teacher, counselor, principle, doctor and others who helped Joey, my feeling is, everything that was done was perfect and in order.

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