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An Overview of the Game Basketball

The game consists of 5 players against 5 on the court at once. In all on the team there are 12 players. In the NBA there are 29 teams or 348 basketball players plus free agents. There are about 100 free agents. When your team doesn't have the ball then the thing you want to do is prevent them from scoring or taking the ball away called defense.

History. The game of basketball was invented by a guy from Canada called James Naismith in 1891 he was a physical fitness teacher in Springfield University. The first very important game was played in 1934 in New York City. More than 16,000 spectators watched New York defeat Notre Dame, 25 to 18. By the 1950's basketball had evolved into the most popular indoor game. "I'm glad for James Naismith's great idea, if it weren't for I wouldn't be here.”

For this game James decided to use a soccer ball cause it was easy enough to catch easily. He asked the super intendant for two boxes. Soon later the super intendant returned saying that he had no boxes but provided peach baskets. The baskets were attached to a gym's balcony about 10 feet above the ground. The first game was played amongst his physical fitness class in December 1891.

After the first experimental game was played, Naismith made 13 rules for the game. The rules ended up being published in the triangle, school paper, on January 15,1892. The sport started up being played by YMCA teams, high school and college teams, also professional teams throughout U.S. and Canada. Soon after they started changing the rules and making some rules that they still have now. Early basketball had little scoring. Players basically used two shots, the lay up and the two handed shot. Hank Luisetti revolutionized the game by using a 1 handed shot. Luisette was a star player at Stanford University from 1935 to 1938. The shot could be released sooner and harder to defend than the two handed shot.


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