A Social Problem about Teen Pregnancy

            Teen pregnancy is a social problem that affects the.

             It is important to examine the root.

             causes of this problem, the effects this problem has.

             on our society and the individual, and some of the.

             possible ways of combating this problem. The causes of.

             teenage pregnancy is not only the fault of the.

             individual. There are a myriad of causes that give.

             rise to teenage pregnancy these include family,.

             community, and social dysfunctions. The negative.

             consequences of teenage pregnancy affects the child.

             involved, the mother, the tax payer, and the father.

             Every step should be taken to battle this problem.

             There is no single solution to this problem. It is up.

             to the individual, the family, and community to take.

             necessary measures to prevent teen pregnancy.

             There are many causes of teenage pregnancy on the.

             individuals part. For one, the need to participate in.

             high-risk behaviors such as smoking, drinking and.

             drugs influences this social problem. Teenagers.

             sometimes are pressured by their peers who influence.

             them to have sex, and because they don't want to feel.

             left out they engage in it. Poor school performance or.

             lack of future goals sometimes create an atmosphere.

             that opens the door to sexual activity. This is.

             because teenagers sometimes feel a sense of.

             hopelessness an isolation to towards the world around.

             them. The overall poor decision-making skills, and.

             self esteem of a teenager sometimes leads to teenage.


             The family on a whole has a major influence on.

             teenage pregnancy. Some homes lack fathers or other.

             responsible male role models. This can affect the.

             teenager because they might seek this type of love.

             from another teen which leads to teenage pregnancy.

             Mothers who were themselves teen mothers may influence.

             their children. There is often ineffective modeling.

             and reinforcement of family values in the home. Some.

             parents struggle with appropriate parenting skills,.

             this leads to poor communication between them and.

             their children.

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