Judging People: Is it appropriate?

            Is it appropriate to judge other people? Why or why not?.

             Judging people is such a controversial concept that there are many different opinions about judging people. In my opinion, we should judge people because of own and other are benefits. If we judge others, we will learn about morality. People who are judged by others may understand their mistake easily. First, this essay explains why judging people helps us to understand morality, which is about appropriate or inappropriate actions, and then it applies different concepts such as free will, fatalism and determinism. These concepts help to understand morality.

             We might think that it is appropriate to judge others that by doing so we learn about morality. Judging people helps us to understand which actions are approved or which actions are disapproved. This may creates a central mechanism over people so people may change their disapproved actions easily. It is related with this community is developed automatically as a sum of individual progress. These points are also mentioned by Mary Midgley. In the book wickedness. Midgley asserts that judging people helps us to understand approved and disapproved behaviour. " The function of moral judgmental our inner lives is to build up a story of cases approved or disapproved for various reasons a map by which we can orient ourselves and plot own course when we have to make decisions” (mýdgley, 1985, p.49). although ý agree wýth Mary Mýdgley, she mýsses only one point, there other other sources to teach us judging morality such as our family, teachers, and some moral theories but these can not be practical. The most useful method of learning morality is judging people, which is an appropriate.

             One of the concepts that help us to understand judging is free will, if we consider with free will, we may judge other people because free will means that everybody has a mind, which is capable of choosing freely.

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