Improving Physical Fitness Profile
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According to my physical fitness profile my strengths are the cardiovascular component and the body composition component.

However, in order to improve my physical fitness as a whole I need to improve my muscular endurance and strength components and I also need to improve even more my flexibility. In order to maintain my strengths I need to keep working on my cardiovascular component as I have been doing so far. I need to keep running long distances, keep working out on the cross-trainer and doing aerobics. To keep my body composition I need to keep eating healthy. I eat salads, and I avoid junk (pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken, etc) food and sweets. On the other hand, I really need to improve my flexibility, which is low. In order to accomplish my goal, which is to be on the "good” rating, I plan to stretch every part of my body, especially the upper part. I think working with a partner will help me improve my flexibility instead of just working by myself. Even though my muscular strength and endurance is rated as "good,” I would like to have improve it to "excellent.” In order to achieve this goal, I plan to lift weights more often than usual and have a program that helps me during this accomplishment.

I plan to accomplish these goals by the end of the semester since I work out everyday and I have time to do that since I am on the tennis team. Therefore, working out is part of my daily routine.

In order to accomplish my long-term goals in a period of two months, I need to keep track of what I am doing to accomplish short-term goals. Every two weeks I plan to test myself. First of all, I have to record my current physical fitness, which we have done during our Lifetime Wellness lab class. Every two weeks I plan to do all the tests that we have done during the labs that are relevant to test my new physical fitness. After that, I plan to record the new information. Consequently, I will know whether or not I am improv...

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