The Qoutes in American History

            There are many quotes in our American History that have great significance and have even helped shape the foundations of this country. The one quote that had the greatest impact is probably Patrick Henry's statement, "Give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry was a patriotic man who stood up for what he believed in. He was fighting oppression of slaves and he was fighting for freedom of religion. Before he gave his speech, he saw a preacher who was whipped to death in the middle of Towne Square because he refused to take out a license to preach from an Anglican church. Now fast-forward about 230 years. Yaser Arafat said the exact same line when asked how he feels about the oppression of the Palestinian people and he got criticized severely for supporting terrorist attacks. Now Yaser Arafat is by no means as noble as Patrick Henry but he is the elected president of the Palestinian people. When he sees his people being oppressed everyday, either by them not being able to work to support their families or his people not being allowed to pray in Aqsa Mosque on Friday (which is mandatory of all Muslims in that area) or simply the right for his people to even leave their homes without the threat of being shot dead on the spot. Famine and malnutrition among Palestinian children has reached alarming numbers. People can't even go and get groceries for their families. The times may have changed but the oppression is still the same. "Give me liberty or give me death” shifted in meaning not because it applied to something else but because it came from the mouth of a Palestinian man who happens to be the elected official. .

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