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Causes and Effects of Playing Sports

Causes and Effects of Playing Sports

Regardless of what some people might think, in my opinion, athletics impacts an individual's life more than any other extra-curricular activity. Although there is only a certain amount of people who have partaken in athletics, I believe that every case has a specific effect on a person. For me, athletics have enabled me to learn a great deal such as; persistence, hard work, dedication, and putting trust in others. Playing sports has created a lifestyle for me that I wouldn't change for the world, because I enjoy It so much.

I first got involved in athletics because of my parents. They both played sports in high school and my mom continued to play softball in college. She influenced me to participate in volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, and track which I ended up lettering in all of them in high school. The fact that I participated in these sports, enabled me to become many things, which I never would have been without athletics. It taught me responsibility, teamwork, and persistence. Above all playing sports has helped me learn from my mistakes and become a better athlete and person on and off of the court.

If it weren't for being so involved in athletics I might not be as responsible as I am today. I always had to make sure I had my priorities straight, and dedicated my time to my goals in life. One of my main goals was to earn a volleyball scholarship. This was one of my biggest goals since I was in the eight grade. When my shaking hand signed on the dotted line for a full ride to Indiana State for volleyball I knew that this was one of my defining moments. There are many sacrifices I had to take in order to receive this but in the end it is evident that it was time well spent.


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