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Casablanca, A Black And White Film

One of the world's best movies is Casablanca. Many things made this movie to the fine a movie as it was. Things such as the actors, lighting, costume, camera, and even the sound. People watching this movie can feel both caught up and detached from the plot at the same time. The Plot and Sub-Plot work so well with the setting as well. It appeals to many differnt audiences. If one has a morbid and odd mind, such as mine, it can be compared to modern movies such as John Carpenter's 'Vampires'. This movie has lasted for fifty-six years and will probally live on for more. The classic movie, Casablanca, was nominated for six Academy Awards and won for best Picture in 1943.

At the time, it had an all-star cast, and I suppose it still is. Some of the actors are even considered legendary. The main stars of the film were Ingrid Berman as Elsa Laslow, Humphry Bogart as Rick, and Paul Henreid as Victor Laslow. Another major character was not listed as an actor in the credits at the time because he was an African-American. His name was Dooley Wilson, who played Sam, the piano player. Secondary characters were: Sydney Greenstreet as Mr. Ferrari, Peter Lorre as Ugate, and Conrad Viedt as Major Estassa. The lighting and camera work in the movie could be described as

nothing short of amazing. Because it was a black and white film, it was extremly important, because It set the mood so well. I believe that because of the filming of the movie being so close to the events in Casablanca during the war the costuming was dead on. The time period in the film was the same as the time period it was actually filmed in. The amazing thing about the sound was that it was done live and not re-dubbed, which was the way most sound was done in movies.

Depending on the person watching the movie, they will either feel caught up or detached from the film. This is the one downfall I found in the film. I felt very detached during it. ...

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