Paper Against Mercy Killing

             Euthanasia is also known as mercy killing, but it is hard-core murder. Killing is killing, it cannot be justified as mercy killing or killing out of compassion. Taking another human life is plain wrong, and there cannot be any exceptions whatsoever. The act of euthanasia proves to the society that life is not precious and can be ended just like that. Terminally ill patients, rather than giving up and killing themselves, should spend time with their families and doing things that they want to do. The patients should let nature take its course and not await death; rather they should enjoy and live life to the fullest, so they won't have any regrets. Euthanasia is not a safe or respectable practice and it should remain illegal, not just in Canada, but in other parts of the world. .

             Life is a sacred gift. If a society loses its belief that life is a gift, the life in that culture will be meaningless and death will be at a very cheap cost. The Doctor's in Nazi Germany did not believe that life was a sacred gift. They began authorizing euthanasia for mentally ill and deformed individuals. From mentally ill and deformed people, they started authorizing euthanasia for the "undesirables”. Soon, they were able to justify the extermination of six million Jews, Poles, Evangelicals, and other that seemed expendable by Hitler's Third Reich. If a society feels that it is right to end life because it is not the quality that they want it to be, soon they will be justifying other atrocities by cloaking it with masks of compassion and realism. Even patients suffering from diseases that can be 'cured' by euthanasia are speaking out against the act. Janice Elsner, a patient suffering from a progressing muscular dystrophy, believes that life is a gift no matter what the situation. Assisted suicide is sending the opposite message that if someone is becoming an inconvenience or a burden, they can just be disposed of and forgotten.

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