The Effects of Driving under the Influence of Alcohol

            The effects of driving under the influence has been tied to my life in a few ways. I have a lost a decently close friend because some one who was drunk wrecked his car into my friend's car. This event really made me think about life and what my friends mean to me. Whenever one of my friends or family drive a car after they have been drinking, it makes me very upset and they hear about it. My oldest brother used to drink and drive all the time while I was growing up. When I started to mature and get older I began to let him know how much I was against it and why. He said that he will not do it anymore, but I know that he still does. If there were a way that everyone could confince one other person not to drive after drinking and have them actually listen to you, that would make such a big difference.

             I am not going to lie, I have driven a wehicle after consuming too much alcohol. The feeling that went thought my body when I had realized what I had done, it was horrible. I would never put myself in that situation again. Thinking back on those moments anger me a lot. I would never risk anyone's life like that ever again. Every year everyone that was friends with my friend that past because of DUI comes together on the day of her death. We all kind of just think about all the memories shared, it is kind of a peaceful yet mournful day at the same time. .

             Law enforcement each year is definitely becoming more and more strict on people who abuse alchol. Every year new restrictions are applied, new rules are enforeced in refernce to driving under the influence and abusing alcohol. Underage drinking is something that goes hand and hand with driving under the influence. There are only so many rules and regulations that can be applied. There is no possible way to stop every person from drinking and driving.

             If you wanted my honest opinion about how I think that law enforcement should go about reducing DUI, I will tell you.

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