My New Toys

             I woke that early mid-summer morning anxious to get back to my great-grandparents house so I could find my new collection of what I called my new toys but yet they were several years old and most definitely not toys. I ran through the hall way my feet pushing on the wet carpet that had just been shampooed. I turned the kitchen corner to find my father in his usual chair with his tiny legs crossed and a cup of coffee glued to his right hand. The cigarette smoke and smell of bacon woke me up fast.

             "Daddy, will you take my to Papaw Bec-Becs?” I asked with my lip puckered knowing that he would take me as long as I pouted. .

             "Shew, in a minute sis. Get that lip up, eat, and we'll go”, He replied.

             I jumped for joy ran back through the hallway into my room. I slammed the white wooden door behind me and opened my French door closet to find my old play clothes. Rambling through all my stuff I finally came to my old "Lee” overalls. These pants were my favorite. I quickly stripped down and threw on my overalls with my little white t-shirt underneath. I then slammed my closet doors, opened my bedroom door and ran back to the kitchen sure enough to find my father in the same position. I slowed down and walked to the stove. I reached for a piece of the bacon laid out on a paper plate for me and shoved it into my mouth. With my mouth full of bacon, "Daddy, I ate, let's go”, I blurred out.

             He began to laugh loudly and shook his head. "Okay sweetie, let's go.” .

             I ran for the front door tapping my little brown boots looking at Dad waiting on him to catch up with me. We then walked around the house hopped in the jeep and began to drive south from my house. The closer we got the more excited I got. We had finally arrived. I opened my door just as Dad had put the vehicle in park. I ran down the old concrete steps of my great-grandparents house, opened the door of the screened in porch to find my papaw and mama sitting in their old white metal chairs.

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