The Middle Eastern Culture

             In the Middle Eastern culture, terrorism has been an effective way to cause pandemonium for the purpose of political manipulation. The Middle Eastern interests are not cohesive or powerful enough to directly or successfully advocate against the compelling interests of the United States. It cannot face an opponent the size of the U.S. in a military or political fashion so the solution is to resort to a lesser, but equally effective state of domination, by fear. The only way for them to achieve a victory is through random destruction of property or innocent, unsuspecting human victims. Terrorism has been an effective technique for the weak to have an effect over the powerful. From the Middle East's rage against America to the civil war in Ireland, terrorism has taken on many forms. For the purpose of this paper, the Middle Eastern angle and involvement of the United Nations will be discussed. .


             Most Americans see Middle Eastern terrorism as a Hollywood depiction. It is not surprising that the American view of the Middle Eastern terrorist is of a psychopathic Islamic without a conscious or reason. In American movies the terrorist is portrayed as a bomb strapped kamikaze that blows up innocents. The seeds of reality are dramatized and the image gives an impression that the Middle Eastern terrorist is not systematic and purposeful. .

             It is assumed that Middle Eastern terrorists act out of religious belief. In reality, this concept is not a logical one. The Muslim, or Islamic religion, does not condone murder. The terrorist groups may use religious concept for political and social momentum, but in fact the true interpretation of the faith cannot be rationalized into their actions. If a terrorist uses the name of Islam to justify their attack, they are blatantly lying. Like all the other religions of God, Islam promotes peace, love and harmony among the people.

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