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Child Labor Concerning Issues

Although forms of child labor are still in affect today, the worst of it is in the past. Commonly defined as work performed by children endangering their health or safety, interfering with their education, or keeping them from activities that are important for their development, child labor began centuries ago. It started with the rise of industrial production and capitalism in the United States (Shahrokhi). The worst took place in the 1800's and early 1900's when such industrialization was on the rise, and before laws were in effect. However, child labor in all forms has not been fully removed from society today.

The most common places that children were put to work were textile factories, coal mills, farms, and other various factories. The reason that children were put to work in these environments is primarily due to machines. They were responsible for keeping the machines running smoothly, even if it put them in danger.

In textile mills the youngest were known as "scavengersaE...

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