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The Censorship of Profanity in Music

The content of music lyrics should be censored

The contents of music lyrics should be censored.

There are many different types of music. Some artist's music has profanity and some do not. Many parents complain about their children going out and buying a cd that has a lot of profanity on it. Censorlization of cds would benefit both children and parents because you would not have to worry about what your children are listening to. Therefore, the content of music lyrics should be censored.

Rap is the voice of the streets. If the language of rap changed it would take away the truth of the lyrics. Also, if the words of artist's songs change they will not be as real because the songs they write are about their lives. Kids know what lyrics should be repeated and what should not be repeated. Some people say that people who listen to music should not always use the words they hear.

Their parents should control the cds that kids buy. Except for teenagers and adults because they should be allowed to listen to whatever they want to hear. Some say it is no different than going to an R-rated movie. If your parents say it is ok it is never a problem. According to U.S. Senator Robert Dole from Kansas "Companies that make violent rap albums are selling "nightmares of depravity,aE...

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