The Pedagogy of the Oppressed: A Critical Book Review


             This paper is a report containing a summery and my own opinion of the novel "Pedagogy .

             It is a well-written manifesto for the liberation of oppressed .

             people everywhere. It speaks of love, unity, and knowledge as vital to creating a world of .

             freedom; an end to the dialectical struggle of oppression and liberation. Freire has had a beautiful .

             vision and has shared it with the world in the hopes that it will inspire, and cause others to stand .

             up for their right to become more human. .

             Throughout the book, one main point is expressed repeatedly-that the process of .

             liberation is a mutual one, and that it must be achieved through praxis. True liberation, where the .

             cycle of oppression and liberation is broken, leaving only a liberated society, can only be arrived .

             at through the equal use of action and understanding. The people must understand the reasons, .

             and the necessity of their revolution, as well as acting to liberate themselves, otherwise their .

             action will be no more than pointless activism. According to Paulo Freire, there is one major .

             driving force behind the movement for liberation from oppression-that is the desire of all people .

             to find their humanity. If a person is oppressed, then he or she is prevented from being seen as a .

             complete human being by the upper class, who sees the oppressed as mere objects. Members of .

             the oppressive class consider themselves, and only themselves, as human. Only through an act of .

             love, by rising up in revolt with the goal of freeing the oppressed and the oppressors alike, can .

             the people ever become more human.

             In the second chapter Freire describes the educational system's role in dominating the .

             oppressed, as well as providing an alternate method of education that will teach the people to .

             think, in effect empowering them. He begins by describing the current system of education, the .

             banking system. It revolves around the idea of students as empty receptacles waiting to be filled .

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