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Wisconsin's School Choice Programs

During the last twenty years, parents have increasingly demanded more

options in public pre-education. Despite rising enthusiasm for school choice,

it is still not clear if students are making educational gains in these

Charter schools are public schools governed by a charter (contract)

with the local or state school board. In exchange for reduced bureaucratic

regulations and increased program freedom, the charter school is responsible

for proving increased academic achievement in a specific area within a

three-to five-year time frame. Funding for charter schools is calculated by

multiplying the number of students by either the average state or local

Milwaukee's school choice differs that of its opponents, which makes

citizens think that school choice will harm children left behind in public

schools, where here in Milwaukee we have the opposite. "The oldest and

most-examined voucher experiment began in 1990 in Milwaukee. The

Milwaukee choice program provides low-income parents with vouchers to

send their children to secular, private schools. It is limited to1.5 percent of

Milwaukee public school enrollment, involving about 2,500 students who

School choice fundamentally has changed Milwaukee's public educations

mindset, that only wealthier parents had choice. If you were poor and lived

in Milwaukee your kids would be going to Milwaukee public schools.

Parental choice changed all this. A big change came in 1998, and 2001 when

Wisconsin's Supreme Court upheld the programs constitutionality. When the

court upheld vouchers it sent a shock through the public school system. With

the realization that low-income parents now had options, the public

education establishment knew it would have to improve. Anot


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