Boy Scout camp in Rockaway New Jersey


             Over the summer I work at a Boy Scout camp in Rockaway New Jersey. I've been working there for about 5 years now and last year we had this one kid on staff named Greg. Greg seemed like you average 15 year old. Though he was a little on the short side when you talked to him you never got the idea that there was anything different about him. Then one day we were sitting around and he was telling us about how he never felt there was a girl out there that was good enough for him because he felt that woman in general were beneth him. At first we joked around with him saying how no girl was good enough for us either but then he said how he really beleived that and didn't want to be with any girl because of his belief. That started to make us wonder a little bit about what he meant by that. So later that night my friend Eric and I went down to his tent and were talking to him about it. Eventually he admitted to us that he was gay. Since neither Eric or myself had really ever been friends with a gay person before we were taken back by this. We didn't really know how to act around him. Although we could see that this wasn't an easy thing for him to deal with we couldn't stop feeling weird while being around him. .

             Greg is what Erving Goffman would of considered discreditable. Although he had a stigma, it was not visible, such as being blind or missing a limb. Greg was not one of those homosexuals that are notciable gay. In fact he fooled 40 guys into thinking he was "one of us." To do that I think he must of felt like an outsider. He probably internalized many of his actions and felt that way he acted was in a gay manner. Many of his actions were probably thought out as to come off as being "straight" in nature. Goffman says many people with a discreditable stigma do this. They try to hide it because they know how society treats people that are different from the so called "normals." Goffman says that since the visibility of Greg's stigma wasn't to a sevre degree it wouldn't have a big impact on his life, at least in terms of intial contact with people.

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