Pornography in Cyberspace

             COM or maybe even magazines like Playboy and Hustler are just a piece of the many ways that you can see pornography in the United States of America. .

             After watching a pornography video last week at home, I decided to do a paper on whether or not all pornography should be illegal. I will take the position that pornography should be kept legal. I feel that pornography is in some way; shape or form is beneficial to society in various ways. Any action to make porn illegal would go against the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. In my view pornography can be viewed as an expression of freedom of speech. My main argument is that pornography is beneficial to society. Pornography provides pleasure for people who are unable to find sexual fulfillment, it helps society be more open about the topic of sex, and aids in helping couples deal with problems in their sexual relationships. .

             Pornography can provide pleasure for those who are unable to find sexual fulfillment. There are many disabled and disfigured people who could never fill their sexual needs without pornography. Society's standards often deny these people of sexual activity with anyone. Sexual fulfillment is a primal desire that everyone has the right to; if nobody involved gets hurt. Without pornography, many people would turn to prostitution, which already is illegal in most places. Pornography aids in the destruction of this. People who criticize porn should really think about the people who are in situations like these. If pornography becomes illegal the situation will just become worse. Politicians and activists will just dig themselves into a deeper hole in the end. .

             Pornography can also help society be more open about the topic of sex. Many Americans view pornography and nudity in other cultures as haphazard because it is not in their face on a daily basis. Today, we live in a country where most people consider sex a forbidden subject to talk about.

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