Judging a Book by it's Cover

             Just before my college semester as a psychology major began this year, I decided to do some reading about the field to prepare myself for what was to come in my college career. In my search, I found Electroboy, a memoir of mania by Andy Behrman about his personal struggle with a mental disorder and finding therapy. Electroboy is a book that would not only appeal to those who have an interest in psychology but instead, anyone who knows a friend or family member who may suffer from a mental disease such as mania to really understand what they experience in their everyday struggle. Deciding on Electroboy was not a hard decision due to the neon yellow cover and striking title that draws you to it's contents.

             Andy Behrman suffered from mania and documented memories of his experiences during his search for proper treatment and compiled them all into a story of his life. Through Andy's good and bad experiences throughout his fast paced and very dangerous life, Andy explains how his unpredictable behavior and spontaneity actually fueled his mania making things progressively worse. Mania is a severe mental disorder that thrives on major shifts and variations in behavior that usually leads to extreme cases of insomnia, various opportunities for addiction, obsession, compulsion, and feelings of total invincibility.

             Beginning with a brief history of his life as a youngster, Andy Behrman goes through his interesting experiences with his mental disorder, giving the reader a complete understanding of what and how a victim suffering from mania lives. From childhood, Andy and his family noticed traits of his illness in ways that were always hard to explain and therefore making it equally difficult to diagnose. Throughout adolescence and adulthood, Andy experienced extreme highs and lows, mental instability, and major compulsiveness that subjected him to fluctuations in drug addiction, criminal acts, and a very dangerous lifestyle to say the least.

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