What is Meditation?

            Few drops of rain fell on the window and suddenly I felt like I missed you more than ever before. Maybe it was because of the weather, maybe not. Maybe the rain drops were intercepted by my mind as your tears going down your face and making wet that marble skin of yours. Maybe it was just a momentary and spontaneous feeling or maybe that feeling came out on the surface of my consciousness because I was pulling it out unconsciously. .

             Everything is so different now. We are both living in the same city and we see each other so rarely that sometimes (it seems to me) I feel empty. I walk in the streets and try to see everybody's face as if I am looking for something that looks familiar to me. Those faces that we used to ignore when we were together have become a non ignorable ritual of my reality. I remember that you were scared of those gray faces because they were mirroring only sadness as you always told me. But now I am afraid I have become one of those. I don't even dare to see my image in the mirror, because I know I will not recognize it anymore. .

             Everything is so different now. The stool in the park, where we always used to sit and talk for hours, looks like an empty place of a natural amphitheater. Every time I go and sit there, I can still see you beside me. I can still hear your voice among the rustling sound of the leaves. I can still recognize your sight among the sight of those curious people that were looking at us. When I am sitting, there alone, I feel like an archeologist lost in a mixed vacuum of space and time. Not like the one that everybody knows by the official definition. I feel like someone who is digging in his mind in order to find the most precious memories of his past. .

             Everything is so different now. Tonight I turned my head toward the sky as we always have done when we were together. The sky was the same. Even the stars and the moon were still there. The golden medallion of the moon seemed that it had lost something from the brightness of the former days.

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