The Different Principles of McDonaldization

            The car wash industry is one sector of society that has become dominated by the four.

             In many cases, these four aspects are easier to point out in.

             the car washing industry than they are in the fast-food industry that George Ritzer.

             explored. Nearly all areas of society seem to be in some way affected by the different.

             principles of McDonaldization.

             According to George Ritzer, efficiency is the quickest and easiest way to reaching.

             an end (40). The car wash industry is a good example of an aspect of our society that is.

             dominated by this principle of McDonaldization. Perhaps the most obvious example of.

             efficiency in the car washing industry is the use of the conveyorized car wash. Both the.

             car wash I formally worked at and the two car washes described in the articles use a.

             conveyorized system of washing cars, in which cars are placed on a moving belt that goes.

             through spraying water and moving bristles. This is a much more efficient method of.

             cleaning cars than acutally hand washing the cars at home. It takes much less time and.

             effort. Another example of efficiency, according to the article on the Scrubadub Auto.

             Wash, is the use of recycled water. This helps to preserve tons of gallons of water that.

             might be wasted if washing the car at home. At the Carolina Springs Autospa, there are.

             three different workstations where the cars are pulled out of the wash to be finished. Due.

             to the limited number of work stations, there is a large amount of pressure to quickly.

             finish the final touches to cars before others are pulled out of the wash. This is an.

             example of how George Ritzer says that efficiency may lead to low quality work (41).

             The limited number of work stations will cause employees to cut corners in order to.

             quickly finish a car. This results in low quality work. George Ritzer also mentions that.

             getting people in and out is a form of efficiency (43). This form is present at the Carolina.

             Springs Autospa with the limited number of car washes to consider buying.

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