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The Business Ethics and Practices

Objective of Ethics Training Implementation

The objective of the study is to provide guidelines for the implementation of an ethics-training program. Obtaining this objective requires attaining applicability of ethics in today's business society. The information provided will be used to improve Cross River's ethical approach to doing business.

The methodology used in this study was extensive research on ethics and how they are incorporated into everyday life and business practices.

Four key points are touched in order to demonstrate multiple reasons why ethics are vital in any corporation. Research on what motivates people to behave ethically, whether or not there is a lack of professional ethics in America, the question of ethically driven business practices benefiting society, and what measures promote ethical behavior in the business society are covered in this report. Contrasting and comparing the lack of professional ethics and what benefits they can have among businesses will give a clear view on why an ethics training program is the backbone of American business.

In the following pages, the research appears in the arrangement discovered in the March meeting agenda. First are five reasons that motivate people to behave ethically. Second is a comparison of views on the lack of professional ethics in America. Or is the lack exaggerated? Third is a comparison of ethical business practices and whether or not they are benefiting society. Second to last, methods determining what measures would promote ethical behavior in the business society are discussed. Finally, the importance of Cross River, Inc. to implement an ethics-training program into their new employees training program is covered.


Research indicates there are several motivating factors involved in behaving ethically. These factors include (1) Belief in God, (2) Atheism, (3) Moral character and good fortu...

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