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The South American Celebrities

South America. One simple word, and dozens of ideas, thoughts, pictures, people and places swarm into your head. A continent full of exotic and eccentric customs, but so many similarities to our own country, the United States. One thing's for sure, they certainly don't skimp on their celebrities.

Celebrities have a fascinating history that greatly

influences South American citizens. The United States

plays an integral part in their fame, helping them to become

the extraordinary people that they are today. Models, sports

players, actors, actress's, and musicians are a critical

element of the amazing culture of South America. Nearly

all of the celebrities of South America are found in, or

originate from, the country of Brazil.

Brazil is South America's leading country when it

comes to celebrities. It contains over 350 celebrities that

are recognized worldwide for the things that they have

achieved during their life. Statistics show that 37% of

Brazil's working citizens work at jobs in the fine arts.

Approximately one third of those people are locally

recognized, one seventh are nationally recognized, and

more are accumulating each year. In an interview with a

school board in Brazil, we were told that more than ...

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