A Young Man's Morals and Personality

             The obvious answer to the question is that I am Bill, a senior at High School. But of course, that does not truly answer who I am as a person. The answer to that question cannot be found on a birth certificate or driver's license, but rather only in the heart and sole of a person.

             First of all, let me describe my goals in life, for a person's goals and dreams are a good indicator of what type of person he or she is. One of the major goals in my life as of yet, I have already accomplished, and that is to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. I passed my Board of Review for this high honor in January of this year. It was important to me because I had to work very hard to reach this rank, which is the highest rank that can be earned in the Boy Scouts of America. Earning it is very telling of a young man's morals and personality, which I believe are the most important characteristics of a person.

             I also plan on going to college and graduating with a degree in Computer Science. A degree in any field of study requires a lot of work and discipline, and I have every intention of applying this to my college studies. After college, I would like to find a job developing software. I have already started working towards this goal. I have taken two years of Computer Science in high school, and am knowledgeable in a few programming languages. After gaining experience in the field of computer programming, I would like to create and own software company.

             More important than a degree or a job, though, I want to live my life staying true to the morals and values that I have developed as a youth. I will try not to let the world change me from the ideological and optimistic person that I am now. For if we cannot be true to our own values in life, than no other dream or goal really matters.

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