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What is the History of Blood Brothers?

1. What is the history of within this book?

I choose to read Blood Brothers because of its descriptive information on religious racism in the Middle East. This book describes the views on hard living as a Palestinian through Elias Chacour. Elias grew up in a small town called Biram, as a young boy he heavily worshipped God with the help of his parents. Zionist soldiers who claimed they were protecting their town, but were really driving out the Palestinians overtook Biram. The citizens of Biram were forced to move to Gish, a nearby town, where Elias and his family re-established their home. Biram was destroyed when the Zionists left, leaving nothing but ruins. This act of terrorism crumbled the hearts of the people, for it had religious stones and a history for each family. All of Middle East was becoming violent, and as Elias got older he realized he might be in danger. Not long after the destruction, more Zionist soldiers came to Gish, taking all the men with them, claiming they were terrorists. His father and brothers escaped the assault and Zionists shootings, traveling by foot back to Gish. This is when Elias had come to the point where he is determined to make a difference. Elias knows that Palestinians and Jews and blood brothers, which share the same, father, Abraham, and should be getting along. Yet he does not know, but re-uniting them is his life long goal given by God.

As the violence still occurring in the Middle East, the Bishop came into Gish. Elias's father asked if the Bishop would send Elias to Haifa for religious study. His father saw something in Elias, perhaps a sign of God, this is how he knew Elias must pursue his beliefs in God. In school, Elias met a new friend, Faraj, who would become his best friend. Elias and Faraj decided to study together at Nazareth. After six years in Nazareth, they both stayed together and went to Paris to study more. While Elias is studying in school, many vi...

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