Dexter King and his Dedication to his Father's Legacy

            Dexter King Confronts His Critics And Reveals His Dream.


             There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Dexter King about his tight control of the King speeches, papers, and copyrights. In his new book, Growing Up King: AN Intimate Memoir, he confronts his critics and mournfully examines the effect his father's death had on him as a child. King's book describes in some detail the events of the night of April 4, 1968. Particularly about how he and his siblings were told by the Rev. Andrew Young about their father had been killed. Even to this very day it pains King to speak of the assassination. Now King is the CEO and president of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence Social Change. He has endured a considerable amount of criticism from the media and others who are uncomfortable about his decisions regarding the center and the licensing of his father's papers. King has been accused of "peddling” his father's legacy to the highest bidder. There is a public dispute over whether M. King's papers will go to the Library Of Congress and whether the family will be compensated for the papers. Some say the papers should be donated to the Library. Other critics have charged that the King Center itself is not involved in contemporary civil rights issues and does not supported direct action methods of nonviolence. King says the intention of the center is to educate organization, not to be a "direct action” organization. King says the Center is educating people on M. King's "real message” which is deeper than the "I Have A Dream” speech.


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