Mother Earth

            Krishna a very wicked god but has a good side to him. When Krishna was a small boy he would steal food and upset the balance, and his mother would have to separate him from foods and other foods meaning that different categories like dairy and sweets. Krishna was famous for stealing from the lader.

             · All over Krishna body is blue, he often holds his flute in his hand. When Lord Krishna was born it was when I quote "Mother Earth, at that time, was suffering from the tortures of demoniac powers” Krishna was bourn Five thousand years ago on July 19/20 year 3228 B.C. He killed demons at ages 3 through 28 and killed different people and things. He also establishes kingdom in Dvaraka.

             · Marriage to Rukmini and 7 principal queens.

             · Marriage to 16,100 princesses.

             · 161,080 sons born to Krishna.

             · Speaks Bhagavad-Gita at Kuruksetra Battle (~90)(3138 BC).

             · Saves King Pariksit in the womb.

             · Instructs Uddhava Thought ages 29-125.

             Krishna Disappearance happened on February 18th 3102 BC at age 128.

             When Krishna had 16,100 wives he had to annihilate his family for weighing down the earth. Krishna friend Narada told him a lie that all of his wives had fallen in love with his brother Samba. Krishna got mad and cursed his wives that barbarians carry them all away when he is dead and they all and Samba to cursed be afflicted by leprosy.

             Different types of mythology is Jewish, Greek, native, America, Islamic and more. In most mythology there is birds gods or any kinds or animals.

             Krishna was mostly called a coward because when he was smaller he would be scared of certain things and the people would called him a coward but he didn't mind he was a joyful child and grown up to be a god. .

             Many Hindus all around the world today are praying to Krishna and on August 30 is his own holiday when he was born to when he died.

             And this is my report on Hindu Mythology Krishna. .


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