The Immigrants Came to America for Variety of Reasons

            Starting from the early 1800's to the mid 1900's, the immigrants came to America for variety of reasons; they faced many hardship and hostility against them from the nativist. When the immigration began (from the early 1800's), come's the majority of immigrants: the Northern and western Europeans, also with small groups of Asians. These mass immigrations were considered the old immigration, while the new immigrations began when the sources of the immigration shifted vastly (1880-1900). The increased immigrants came from the Eastern and southern European countries, while also the Asian population increased slightly (mostly the Chinese). Once the immigrants arrived on U.S. soil, they had to pass many examinations, tests, and interrogation. These inspections alarmed many immigrants, and many were treated somewhat inaccurately and strangely. For example, while foreign men were asked to strip down for physical inspection, the foreign women were being bared naked in public, causing alarms to their fellow people. This caused many discomfort to the immigrants, wanting only a fresh new start for whatever their reasons are, once contacting with the inspections the obstacles only increased. Many of the immigrants left their country because of the problems they faced from their homeland. From Ireland, the immigrants came because of the potato farms faced the epidemic of the deadly potato blight disease. This was their major souce of living cost. As for the Russian Jews, they faced prosecution from the government. The Chinese came to the U.S. to make more money for their families. There, they left their countries to come to the Rich, Free America. Many foreigners heard rumors about the country America; it had gold everywhere (their streets and buildings were made of gold), also heard of the facts of America (freedom of speeches, religion, etc), therefore being a desirable place to settle and live.

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