Androstinedione Supplement For Athletes

            Androstinedione is a muscle-building supplement that helps athletes gain more testosterone. Androgen means any of the male sex hormones ("androgens”)."For an endurance athlete, this may be the biggest performance enhancing secret of the decade!” (Powerhouse). Androstinedione has many advantages and disadvantages.

             Androstinedione is a muscle supplement that works best in early adulthood. The effect of the stimulant declines thereafter in men (Powerhouse). Andro isn't as affective on postmenopausal women, underweight andro users, or someone with low bone density. The best age to use Andro is 20 to 30 years old. Androstinedione companies recommends not to use this supplement unless athletes are over the age of 18(Powerhouse). .

             The principal androgen in Andro is testosterone, which is produced in the testes of the male and also in the adrenal glands of both sexes. Andro is naturally produced in men and women. It is also found in Scotch pine trees. That is why Andro is classified as a dietary supplement (Powerhouse).

             These testosterone boosts have lead many athletes to improving their performance and lean muscle mass. East German athletes have used Andro in Olympics since 1980. The only sport to ban Andro is pro football. Androstinedione is also banned from the International Olympic Committee. The reason Andro is banned is because it is a performance-enhancing compound. The people who benefit most from Andro are those in bodybuilding, weight training, and some sports (Powerhouse). .

             When Andro enters the body it is converted to testosterone by natural enzymes in the body. Testosterone circulates through the blood and is excreted by the urine. The enzyme that converts the Andro to testosterone comes out of several tissues, including muscle and bone (Powerhouse). Andro was discovered in 1935, however it wasn't until the 1950s they found out that andro was testosterone boosts (Powerhouse). .

             The androgens in Andro have an anabolic effect.

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