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All About Marijuana

Marijuana ( aka grass, pot, weed) is the common name for the crude drug made from the plant, Cannabis sativa. Over 400 chemicals are in marijuana, including the main mind altering ingredient, THC. The amount of THC in the marijuana determines how strong the effects will be. Factors of the strength of the marijuana is, the type of plant, weather, soil, and the time of harvest. Another form of marijuana is a joint. A joint is a cigarette made from the dried particles of the plant. Hashish or hash, is made by taking the flowers of the marijuana plant and the resin from the leaves and pressing it into cakes or slabs. Hash is usually stronger than regular marijuana, containing five to ten times as much THC. Pure THC is almost only available though research, so substances sold on the street claiming to be THC can turn out to be something else like PCP

Not everyone uses marijuana just to get "highaE...

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