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Don't Judge Someone Before You Know The Truth

In the beginning of this chapter we learned that the kids think that Atticus does not know how to do anything. Miss Maudie claimed that he was the best checker player in the town. Atticus gave the kids air-riffles but he refused to teach them how to shoot. Therefore Uncle Jack instructed them. Atticus told Jem he should shoot the tin cans in the backyard, but he knew that Jem would go for the birds. Atticus said he could shoot all the blue jays he wanted but to remember that it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. Hence the title of the book. Then one Saturday, Jem and Scout saw Tim Johnson, the towns' pet, walking down the street. They told Cal about the dog and she said, "I can't wrap up any dogs foot right now. There is some gauze in the bathroom, go get it and do it yourself.aE...

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