A Comparison Between Mitosis and Meiosis

             Mitosis and Meiosis are very different for many reasons. And three being what they both insure.


             Mitosis is different than Meiosis because of many things. The first thing would be that they produce different things. One thing that they produce differently would be that Mitosis produces body cells, also known as Somatic cells and Meiosis produces sex cells or Gametes. Mitosis produces only two daughter cells while meiosis produces four daughter cells. Another difference would be that Mitosis produces cells for growth and repair, while Meiosis produces cells for sexual reproduction.

             Mitosis and Meiosis are produced very differently. Instead of just the five main steps, Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase, Meiosis has not only those but an additional Interphase (II ), Prophase (II), Metaphase (II), Anaphase (II), and Telophase (II). Mitosis is produced to make cells for growth and repair and meiosis is produced to make cells for sexual reproduction. Those are two very different things because cells that grow and repair help to keep those cells that already exist healthy and happy while the reproduction is used for making more cells. .


             Mitosis and Meiosis both insure different things like Mitosis insures that all daughter cells are genetically identical, while Meiosis insures that it will generate genetic diversity through the crossing over and random separation of homologous pairs of chromosomes. Mitosis also has a difference in metaphase. In metaphase the chromosomes line up singly. In meiosis' metaphase I the chromosomes line up as homologous pairs. The two double chromosomes are called a tetrad when they are lined up side by side, the crossing over occurs during the tetrad. Also there is a difference in the nuclear division of the two. In mitosis there is only one nuclear division while in meiosis there are two nuclear divisions. .

             In conclusion Mitosis and Meiosis are very different because of how they are produced, what they produce and what both of them can insure.

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