The Attack on the Twin Towers
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I am doing m project on the terrorist attacks and attacks of the world and I will be showing you how the U.S is handling them I will go into some terrorist attacks that occurred in New, York city. I will go into detail; about what has happened in 911, I will discuss how it effected our economy and the world. I am also going to go into what the U.S is trying to do to stop terrorist attacks. A lot of my project is going to talk about the twin towers. I will talk about the fire fighters that died given up there lives and then I will discuss the hunting for bin laden.

After that I am going to discuss the situation of Iraq and of north Korea

Terrorist attacks have been happen all over the world in the Middle East the Pakistan's have been fighting the Jews for there land. When the Pakistan's saw how the U.N, and the Americans where on the side of the Jews they took this as an offense. They're where terrorist attacks before 911. The first attack failed, the only thing that was destroyed was the basement level of the twin towers. As we all now on September 11 2001 2 planes hit the twin towers. Clearly the attack where coordinated, the two flights that hit the twin towers where coming from Boston. Tower one was the first one to get hit, then Tower 2 was hit after. When the plane hit into tower 2 it was so powerful the hit was so powerful that it sent a fireball out the other side of the building. People where evacuating the building, but all the heat in the building cased the south tower to collapse, and just about an half an hour after the north tower collapsed. All that is left of the Twin Towers is rubble but now they have cleared every thing away. The after math of it all was bad Many people have died because this terror attack. . These attacks have slowed down the economy very bad. Many people no longer want to travel because fear of highjackers coming on the planes. The stock market has went down a l

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