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A Research Paper-Privacy

Advances in technology and new emerging technology have caused many privacy advocate groups, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, to start voicing real concerns about privacy.(no your not paranoid p. 512) Powerful surveillance equipment such as face recognition software and programs used by website owners to monitor where people go on their websites, have caused much controversy.(The Issues p. 509) Also newer technology like genetic information, which has no real laws safeguarding it's privacy has raised real concern among lawmakers.(Fighting Genetic Discrimination p. 522) Many laws are present to protect citizens from the government, i.e. the bill of rights, but no laws exist to protect the consumer from large companies. This lack of protections has put many consumers in a dangerous position, while lawmakers fail to keep up with emerging technology businesses are profiting.(Data-Collection p.958) "We should be worried about this,aE...

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