The Positive Effect of Wearing School Uniforms


             This letter is regarding why uniforms should be added to school. I, as a student, believe that uniforms will achieve the mental preparation for a business environment. It will teach the students obedience, should and possibly lower dress-code violations, and also help the school with physical appearance. "Sharper look, gets sharper students!" .

             To begin with, I feel that school obedience and dress-code violations will not be as extreme in most cases. Study shows, students wearing similar clothing achieve more and do not get distracted by fellow students out of dress code. These statistics can show the same for our school. With your consent of putting the uniforms into order, the updated dress-code policy would be extensively run through by the staff and teachers to all students. This will emphasize the thought of NO excuses for not abiding by the rules. A survey proved that every four out of ten students are verbally abused due to clothing related problems. Uniforms can help put a stop to that. With fairly similar clothing, students, inturn will not be subjected to obscene remarks, and stereotypical comments. .

             Also, appearance on the school, An educational look is always a big concern. Military schools and private campuses that abide by uniforms look more sharp, and are being paid because parents want their students going to those schools due to the way they appear. Uniformed schools are more popular because of their appearance and the way their students are never distracted. Parents do NOT want their children going to the worst looking schools, they will demand a clean, sharp, and more educational looking grounds to walk on. I feel the new uniforms will not only emphasize the look, but also result in a more beneficial presenting school. .

             Moreover, uniforms will be a good preparation for work. A graph and plot chart also proved that student coming out of uniformed schools are better prepared for the labor force.

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