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5 Ways To Maintain A Good Friendship

5 Ways To Maintain A Good Friendship

Friends are some of the most precious people that will ever grace your life. Whether they go out as quickly as they came in, or they remain lifelong, they create the basis of some of your best memories. If you need a shoulder to cry on, they will wipe your eyes. If you feel like you can't go on, they will carry you. When you don't have much of a family, if any, they will gladly adopt you as their own. Believe me, I know first hand. Upon my mother's diagnosis of cancer, my dysfunctional extended family never came down to give the rest of my family and I the support we desperately needed. When Meg and her family found out, however, no one could have jumped faster than they did to give me the strength I needed when I didn't feel that I could go on. Everyone has their so called "friends,aE...

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