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The Game of Badminton and Its Early Discovery

The invention of Badminton originates back to at least two thousand years ago, where is was a combination of the games battledore and shuttlecock played in ancient Greece, India, and China. "It is known that around 1860, the daughters of the Duke of Beutfort were playing Battledore and Shuttlecock in the great hall of Badminton house, the seat of the Somerset family in Gloucestershire, England. To add a little variety, they rigged up a string across the hall from the doorway to the fireplace and the aim of the game was to try to keep the shuttle going by playing it to each other over the string. It is believed that Mr. J L Baldwin suggested that it would be more amusing if the shuttle were to be hit away from instead of towards players on the other side of the string. The sport of badminton had been created.aE...

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