Unique Personality

            Every once in a while I wonder how would things differ if I would have had a different personality, diverse qualities and unknown talents. Would my life be as wonderful as it is right now? I guess not, and that it the moment I stop thinking "what if” because I am who I am and that is the reason of me being a unique girl. I realize that I am content as I am and therefore, wouldn't change a thing about myself. .

             Albeit I consider that my positive values are abundant and equal in importance, there is one that outstands the others. This gifted quality is originality. I love to do things differently than others and with this I have expanded my creativity- an other quality that makes me distinctive among people-. These two particular traits have made me outstand in particular projects within school and in my daily life. .

             After reviewing some of my positive characteristics, I most say that there is one negative feature that is troubling my mind. I am a girl too obsessed with perfection. Although many people consider this characteristic a good one, for me it is just an excess of worrying my mind to obtain something faultless, a thing that couldn't be better. I spend too much time in doing my projects and will not stop working on it until it is close to perfection. .

             These qualities are very important for my body because they are the ones that form my personality and therefore my life. If humans wouldn't have different characteristics, the world would be filled with lifeless bodies walking through the streets. All of these positive and negative facts about me and each citizen are the ones that make up our irreplaceable individuality. .

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