The Metal Music

             A simple sentence but this information is also the answer to the question "What kind of music do you listen to?", for some people it means something that's not normal, bad and god knows what else. Metal music is still, even after so many years, considered by the wide public as the music of corrosion, hate and anger towards everything that's "right and good". Why? To tell the truth, I don't know really. Those who condemn this style don't even know it. Just from something somebody told them or from partial listening to something they didn't like. To take these opinions seriously? No way. This article is about what metal music really is, what the particular categories of this diverse style are about. .

                  Metal music came to existence probably in the 70's. Based on the rock music and then hardened with tougher guitars, vocals, the drummers also started to hit their instruments with much more power. The early metal music was based on a more agressive way of playing and was produced only with el. guitars and drums. The harder it sounded, the better it was. But it's different these days, but I'll get to that later. .

                  Metal symbolized power and hardness. And people started to listen to it and their number started to grow. After all, metal was on the highest peak of it's popularity in the 80's, well, to be specific, the most favourite style of the 80's was actually hard rock. I remember that all the rockers had wawy hairstyles and they all looked the same and there was so many of them. A bright example can be the band Europe that came from Sweden. A typical example of a one-hit band. They actually played rock but some magazines marked them as a heavy metal band. .

                  The gratest and most popular metal bands were being founded on the break of the 70's and 80's. That time was being flooded by the "new wawe of brithish heavy metal", NWOBHM in short. The era of harder metal began. Everybody will probably recall the band Iron Maiden, the probably most well known metal band from the British Isles.

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