Great Britain and other powers primarily appeased Germany

            Why did Great Britain and other powers appease Germany? .

             Great Britain and other powers primarily appeased Germany to avoid World War II. The explanation of this statement requires an analysis of the economic; political, and militaristic situations, which Britain, France and America were suffering from. The British policy of appeasement was implemented because the national public opinion was that war should be avoided at all costs, people down played the importance of having a strong military as they had faith that the League of nations would prevent any war, the weakness of the British armed forces and the forgiving relationship between Hitler and Chamberlain. The objective of American appeasement towards Germany was to secure the peace, stability and expansion of international trade and to relieve Germany from the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles allowing German recovery. Western powers also appeased Germany, as they feared communism and believed that Germany could thwart a communist uprising. .

             The impact of the Great "A-Jar on people's ideals formed a public opinion strongly supporting appeasement and stating that war should be avoided at all costs. This was because Great War caused horrific losses for the Alliance powers (chiefly Great Britain and France), disenchanting the British public with the idea of using force in international relations. Anti-war propaganda and pacifist groups assisted in creating this opinion and spread it through movies and other media. A whole generation had been destroyed by the Great War and 900,000 deaths only to move the front line forward by one mile was no longer considered a noble act, but an atrocity. It was not only the public opinion which was anti-war, as none of the leaders of France or Great Britain wanted to witness another small or large scale war in their lifetimes, even if war was necessary' to prevent a larger catastrophe later on down the track.

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