Women Combining Work and Family

             As I said before, the research question that I am looking to answer is; how do men and women differ when they are combining work and family? Although I have not completed my interviews, I have come to a lot of interesting conclusions. So far I have interviewed two females, and 1 male, about the ways that they balance work and family. I have also chosen my fourth participant, but I have not yet interviewed him. The people that I chose to interview are all of the same race and class, so that I could be sure that what I find is in fact due to gender. .

             My participants are; a female store manager, a male store manager, a female elementary teacher, and a male car salesman. The questions that I asked them, which are attached to this paper, gave me a lot of good evidence that proves what we have been learning in this course. Women tend to have more responsibilities at home with the children, while men are more devoted to their jobs. There is a lot of evidence that the women are sacrificing their careers more in order to take care of their children, which is not hard to believe. I will go in much more detail on that subject in my final paper. I also got several responses that were not what I expected. For example, I am seeing that males are also contributing a lot to caring for the children. In every interview that I have done so far, I learned that the men are not only contributing by being the breadwinner, but they are also at least trying to share the child care responsibilities. It is also very apparent that even though men are attempting to help out more, women still do far more in that area. .

             What did surprise me was the woman store manager who works 50 hours a week, which is actually more than her husband, she contributes more to their child, and does not find it difficult to balance work and family. She also stated that after she had her daughter she actually worked more hours.

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