Teen Pregnancy & Parenthood

             Currently teen pregnancy is a major problem facing our nation. It causes social and a vast amount of personal problems. Social problems include a higher rate of high school dropouts, government spending is increased for social programs for parenting teens such as Medicaid, welfare, and food stamps. All of these problems not only affect the teen parent/parents, but the nation as a whole. Individual problems can be disastrous for the future teen parent. Since they are normally unable to continue education, they are not properly prepared to compete in the worlds tough job market. In most cases of teen pregnancy the teen is emotionally immature and ill equipped to handle the financial responsibilities of raising a child as a teen parent. .

             These problems can potentially be solved through education that starts at an early age. Many programs have proven to be effective such as health classes (sex education) and D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), which also deals with social pressures for sexual activity. Education on sexual activity should not only be taught by school programs, but also by role models, community members/services and parents.

             Role models create a big impact upon children’s lives. Role models practicing and showing safe and healthy lifestyles will help children to build stronger morals and values to determine what is right and what is wrong. Education through the community can be gained usually at no cost from local churches and other community agencies such as Planned Parenting. Parents play the most crucial role in the prevention of teen pregnancy. Parents talking to their children, educating them, and teaching them effective morals can prevent teen pregnancy. The community and government offices can have an influence by providing free contraceptives, information, and reproductive counseling for the fight against teen pregnancy. .

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