The Friendship of Cheetah and Sloth

            There was once a cheetah and a sloth, the cheetah was fast and quick while the slob was a total slob. The cheetah ate consistently but he ate healthy but on the other hand the sloth ate all time and ate fatty foods. One day while the cheetah was chasing the wild boar, he stopped and saw the mangy sloth eating fatty worms instead of the fresh leafs off the tree. "What is your problem, sloth?" said the cheetah.

             "What do you mean?" said the sloth.

             "Well, you are already kind of heavy and well. if you keep eating like that you can get so fat that you won't be able to move at all!" exclaimed the cheetah.

             "Look, you do what you do and I'll do what I do,ok?" remarked the sloth.

             "I was just trying to help you out sloth." the cheetah told the sloth.

             "Well, go talk to the humans why don't ya" snapped the sloth.

             So then the cheetah exercised daily by running and long jumping while the sloth just hung out by the big oak tree in the middle of the forest. The cheetah ate three meals a day, mostly wild pig and nectar honey, and very healthy juice such as coconut. While the sloth had greasy worms and bug juice instead of eating the fresh fruit on his tree. .

             So fifty years past and all the animals in the kingdom were either dead or alive. The cheetah was alive and he was still very healthy and had very healthy cubbies. The sloth was a big fat tub of lard who could no longer move and was stuck on the largest branch on his tree. So one day the cheetah ran to the sloth's big tree to pay his old friend a visit.

             " How are you doing,sloth?" said the cheetah.

             "Oh, I'm doin fine cheetah how are you?" said the sloth.

             " I'm doing great, are you sure you are alright?" asked the cheetah.

             " I've never felt better." said the sloth.

             " I never needed that advice you gave me in the past because I am so healthy that I'm still alive and that's all that matters." chirped the sloth.

             " Come down here and give your friend a hug then.

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