" Job Satisfaction " By Stephen P. Robbins

             Robbins writes about five factors which make a person satisfied with his or her job. These factors are mentally challenging work, equitable rewards, supportive working conditions, supportive colleagues, and personality-job fit. From his article I choose two most important factors that work for me. Those are supportive working conditions and supportive colleagues. .

             In the first factor that I chose, Stephen P. Robbins is talking about conditions that make employees satisfied with their work. He told us about the studies which demonstrate that employees prefer physical surrounding that are not dangerous or uncomfortable. Also they prefer working close to home in clean atmosphere with appropriate equipment. Personally, I totally agree with him because I used to have bad working conditions at my work, and I was completely unsatisfied with my job. I work at Sears and for the first three or four months of my work there the air conditioner was broken, and no one was even trying to fix it. It was very hot inside the store so all employees and customers were complaining about it because it was impossible to either work or shop there. Most of the employees were very angry because the only place where the air conditioner worked was in office, so only managers were enjoying their job. In the department where I work it was so hot that sometimes I was running outside of the store just to take a fresh air. Employees in the store started protesting and not coming to work because it was impossible for them to work standing or walking around in the very hot place for eight hours a day. After protesting we got two fens to our department and our job became much easier and more enjoyable this way, but customers still weren't that happy about it because it was still kind of hot in the store. Now everything is better because the air conditioner finally got fixed after four terrible months. From this experience I learned that supportive working conditions are very important and if you do not have supportive working conditions, than no matter how much money you'll get you still won't be completely satisfied with your job.

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