Why Do Students Quit School?

             Can you get a good job without the proper education? Some people still think you can, while others say it's hard to get a good job even with a college education. So if it's so hard to support yourself on a college education, why are students still dropping out of school at an alarming rate? Many students drop out of school because of grade problems, pregnancy, or money problems.

             Grade problems are a major factor in why students drop out of school. Students get frustrated on the fact that they have to repeat the same grade because of a course or two that they fail every year. Seeing that they fail the same course or different courses every year, and seeing that failing those courses means they have to repeat the grade, they start to think that they'll never pass on to the next grade. They start to think they're going to school to waste, so why stay in school if you're not achieving anything? Shalonde, who was eighteen in the 11th grade, had hope that she would pass her English course this year and would be able to become a senior in high school? When she received her report card, she saw that she had failed the course once again. Seeing this, the next school year she didn't return to school. She told her friend "I just felt I was wasting my time.”.

             Pregnancy is another major reason why students, particularly females, drop out. Females have so much pressure on them since they're pregnant and still in school. After having the baby, one female describes trying to go to school and taking care of the baby as "hell on earth”. They can't get rid of their first problem, the baby, so instead they drop out so they won't have to deal with school pressure and motherhood at the same time.

             Males drop out on this issue because they have a family to support. They get a full-time job because a part-time job doesn't pay enough to support a child and have enough left to live off of. Therefore, in order to maintain a full-time job, they drop school.

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