The History of Mexican War of Independence

            The Mexican War of Independence was certainly a unique one compared to the other Latin American Wars of Independence. After the American and the French Revolution, Mexico could not stay behind on being controlled by the Spanish. This struggle for liberty was caused by three internal factors; the social oppression before the War of Independence, events such as the Grito de Dolores, and the Plan of Iguala. The social oppression sparked the people into consideration for a reform in the area, Grito de Dolores becoming the act that demonstrated the people¡¯s thoughts about the situation, and the Plan of Iguala becoming the statement that showed what the ¡°Mexicans¡± wanted. These three factors become crucial for the development of the Wars of Independence which becomes a key period for the history of Mexico.

             The people in Mexico were furious about the oppression they were experiencing in the nation. Privileges were given to the high class, especially the Peninsulares; the Spanish born people, so the people who were in the middle and lower class felt unfairness. This sensation of inequality was commonly among the Criollos the people Spanish people born in the colonies, where they were not given the same privileges as the Peninsulares. Their main concern was how the Peninsulares were the people who were governing the colonies; the Criollos wanted to take control over the colonies by themselves. Since the Bourbon Reforms taking effect in Europe, the Spanish colonies became unsettled; where the Spanish born were trying to tax the colonists in order to restore the economic stability. The increase of sales tax hit the colonists. Wealthy Creoles were repeatedly being pressured by the Spanish born in Mexico (Peninsulares) and the Crown in Spain. The sale of church lands was becoming usual and it impacted the priests dramatically. The Indian communities were also harassed by a demand of a greater tribute than the previous ones.

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