The Containment Theory

            "Monster” Kody Scott and The Containment Theory.

             Gang Member, by Sanyika Shakur (aka Monster Kody Scott), tells the life story of a young black man who lived the life of a gangbanger from the ages of eleven to twenty seven. His story starts with living the life of a gangbanger and ends with a transformation to a member of the New African Independence Movement. Monster Kody, or more accurately referred to as "Monsta,” repeatedly commits acts of brutality and violence, mainly against his territorial enemies. Sets are referred to as subsets of larger gangs such as the Crips and the Bloods. For example, Kody's gang, the "Eight Trays” are Crips and they are enemies to the "Rollin Sixties” Crips. In order to be initiated into the "set,” "The Eight Trays,” Kody is beaten up by members of the gang he desires to be in, which was referred to as being "courted in.” (Shakur 9) Then Kody was given a 12-gauge shotgun with pump action, in which he committed his first murder against a rival "set.” This was considered a weapon of power and danger, and it required nerve. Kody took to the violence of the gang because he saw it as a step from childhood to manhood, and also as a way to build a reputation. His goal was to become an "OG” by building a reputation, building his name in association with his set, and establishing himself as a promoter of the Crips. His reputation built quickly, mainly because he was a very effective killer. His reputation also became stronger due to the fact that he was shot six times by his rivalries and survived, as well as his various encounters with the prison system. Kody spent many years in the Juvenile Detention Center before he turned eighteen, and a few years in prison after. In these prisons, Kody met Muhammad at a Muslim Service that he originally went to in prison so he could have meetings with his people. Muhammad eventually taught Kody how to educate himself in order to enhance his life.

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