A Power Struggle in 'Lord of the Flies

             When people think of the word they will automatically think of someone in control of something. Power is a word everyone knows and a thing everyone wants. In the book "Lord of the Flies" there is a major power struggle (between Ralph, Jack, and even Piggy) that effects the whole novel. When the struggle occurs you get the major events in the book: Ralph being elected chief, Jack dictating the hunters, Jack running off, and the fire on the island. Power.is the cause of these things and power can get you somewhere or it can get you nowhere.

             At the beginning of the book, Ralph has the majority of the power. Once Ralph blows the conch and everyone comes he is elected chief. The reason the boys had chosen him was because of the conch. The conch is the item of power in the book and Ralph had it. Ralph had noticed that Jack wasn't too happy with him being chief. Ralph being chief infuriates Jack so Ralph gives him the hunters. This is a good idea so as to give something to focus on other than Ralph being the chief. Already Jack is after Ralph because Ralph has the most power.

             When Ralph was elected chief Jack wasn't too happy. Jack had wanted to be chief because he thought he was better. He said that he was "chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp. (P.22)" Jack wanted something just to show that he still had some type of power since Ralph is the better of the two, he gave Jack the power of the hunters. This is just enough to hold Jack over but he'll soon want more.

             Piggy isn't the poster child for power but he has the brains for it. When Ralph was elected chief Piggy wasn't too pleased about it. I say this because it says, " Every hand outside the choir except Piggy raised his hand immediately. Then Piggy, too, raised his hand grudgingly into the air. (P.23)" Piggy knows that he could never be chief but he knows he has brains. This is why he sticks close to Ralph all the time.

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